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The Real Deal Collective

Surround yourself with accomplished, diverse CEOs eager to share their knowledge and learn from you. Access advice and tools from our expert instructors who will challenge you to rethink, refine and recharge your business; to build the skills to take your business to the next level.

Scholarships are available through our generous sponsors.

The Real Deal Collective

The Real Deal Collective is a 6-month executive growth program that fosters collaboration and innovation to address your business' specific barriers. We provide education, access to capital, business planning, and an influential network of resources, to directly address barriers that cause businesses to get stuck. Each class consists of 20 diverse CEOs and business owners ready for the next strategic level.

Graduate Outcomes

The business owners who graduated from our "Real World MBA" (The Real Deal Collective) style training combined with Peer Groups (Our Tribes and Posses) and a Highly Engaged Network (Our Community Network) have had excellent outcomes.


Increased Revenue


Created New Jobs


Adhered to Their Plan


Secured New Capital


Benefited from the Training, Planning and Network

Explore the Real Deal

The Real Deal curriculum is grounded in proven practices from national CEOs and teaches the real, actionable learning small business owners need – to create sustainable results and accelerate their growth. We’ll use our connections, experience and expertise to cultivate your own professional network of CEOs, connect you with funding and develop your individualized strategic business plan.

Influential Network of Resources


Our six-month business growth program will connect you with other CEOs around Oklahoma City who understand what it is to own a business. Each class works together; you'll provide and receive feedback, share your expertise and learn from our civic leaders and community sponsors across numerous industries.



Learn from your peers and our powerful curriculum. Sessions cover finances, marketing, sales, operations, leadership and how to create your own strategic plan. You'll walk away with a custom, concise 3-year Playbook™ to implement your vision.

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The Curriculum
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Access to Financing and Banking Insights


We facilitate access to financial resources and connect business owners with experienced advisors. We'll discuss banking and finances for taking your business to the next level.